Saturday, 15 June 2013

Extreme couponing in the UK?

I've been doing a little research into the statistics behind coupon use in America and in the UK.  Time and time again people are asking if extreme couponing is do-able in the UK.

Firstly you have to consider the definition of extreme. Oxford dictionary defines it as :-

The most striking this here for me are "reaching a high or the highest degree; very great" and " not usual; exceptional".

So is extreme couponing do-able in the UK?  Well YES! Ok, so we may not reach the heights shown by the TV show BUT according to 2012 statistics (  "Recent research reveals that 61% of consumers use coupons, up from 52% in June 2010. Over a third of consumers (37%) are looking out for promotional offers more than they were a year ago."

The 61% number has, in my opinion, probably increased since this data was collected. The TV show first aired in the US in December 2010 and swiftly followed over the water.

A person who only uses a few coupons is savvy but not extreme. However someone who tries to use as many coupons as possible and pay as little as possible is definitely extreme if we take the definition into context.  So we can't get $1000's of shopping for nothing but we can get lots of things for free or at least nearly free with a bit of clever thought and planning.

I also find the media strange when it comes to the 'phenomenon' of extreme couponing over here in the UK! Some of the articles I've been reading have headlines such as: 
I think much of the negativity surrounding the hobby is down to ignorance and as I have said in a previous blog post, they just don't 'GET IT'!

The last article refers to making purchases you don't need and stockpiling (hoarding in their opinion) things you won't use.  Valid points but for a true UK extreme couponer, these thoughts pass through your head the very moment you see a coupon!  I ain't as daft as I look!

Also the "Most alarming for me is the amount of time extreme couponers invest in clipping coupons. Extreme couponing is highly addictive and lends itself to debilitating obsessive compulsive tendencies. In the US, it’s not unknown for extreme couponers to quit their jobs to pursue their scissor snipping. For others, their obsession creeps into their working lives, and their performance at work suffers. Comprising your ability to make money at the expense of saving it seems unbelievably counterintuitive to me." 

Yes I spend a fair bit of time on my hobby and yes I spend a bit more time trying to help others out with it too! However, I am actually writing this blog at work so umm..........................!

I think that's enough ranting from me today lol!

Laura :-)


  1. I'm so sorry for the colours today! Blogger is playing up and this was the only way you could read it x

  2. laura just need a master class how to do this i do all vouchers and asdas comparisons and do save abit but thats as far as it goes any links to this page would be very helpful..thanks

  3. Have you liked our facebook page paul ba? I put all the links to coupons i find on there x

  4. I am just getting into this, yes it can take up time, but I am a stay at home mum with very little to break up the tedium of the day. And if I can get myself a bargain as a result of this hobby all the better. All the haters can carry on spending full price if they want, but if I save money it means we can treat ourselves a little more....that can't be bad can it?

  5. I'm also just learning, already a follower on facebook... I hope it gets easier so far I've not really found any vouchers. Is there any particular good websites or papers etc that I should be looking at? I'm already on the supermarket groceries website that's a great thing, and I totally don't get why people wouldn't want to use coupons, I don't plan on getting extreme about it but a few £1 savings are better in my pocket than tesco's lol

    1. I look everywhere for coupons. Normally with newspapers it says on the front so a quick scan of the rack in the morning usually helps.
      For internet coupons, I've liked a lot of companies on facebook so and statuses will come up on my newsfeed. I also check money saving expert. I also search on google. All my finds go onto the extremecouponingUK page.

      I think I've hit the extreme lol! But that is ok :-)

      Hths x